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Saudi woman uses social media to assess fiancé

Engagement cancelled after search revealed unsatisfactory results

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Manama: A Saudi woman called off her engagement with her fiancé after she discovered that most of his friends and followers on social networks and microblogs were girls and women.

A two-week search by the young woman before making her final commitment looked at all the tweets posted by her fiancé on his Twitter account as well as at all the pictures and comments he had on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, local Arabic daily Okaz reported on Saturday.

Remarks deemed negative made the young woman change her mind about her fiancé and cancel the engagement.

Several readers, commenting online, praised her for her decision “based on facts checked through the search”.

They said that it was “absolutely right for women to have enough knowledge about their future husbands that will help them make the right decision”.

However, those who criticised her said that she had no right to pry into the man’s personal life before becoming her husband and that fiancés “should avoid getting nosy for the sake of their future relationship”.

Social media have been successfully used by several companies to select candidates and fill positions.