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Expat killed as van smashes into Saudi shop

Victim was sitting on shop stairs, using a mobile phone

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Caption: Seconds before the tragic crash - Al Marsad
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Manama: An expatriate worker who was sitting in front of a shop and using his mobile was killed in a freak accident in Najran in the southern part of Saudi Arabia.

Footage from a surveillance camera from another shop showed how a van that was swerving left to park was hit by a speeding car on the busy highway on Tuesday afternoon.

The driver lost control of the vehicle, and the van smashed into the expatriate sitting on the stairs as it was catapulted into the shop.

Witnesses said that the expatriate succumbed to the wounds he sustained, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Wednesday.

The camera showed the driver of the car get out, take his children and wife out, check his car and then head to the shop that had been hit.

Online commenters offered sympathies to the family of the expatriate as they lamented the freakiness of the accident.

They were also quick to condemn the driver for speeding on a busy road and for not paying attention to the van that was turning left ahead of him.

Some comments accused him of being insensitive for taking time to check his car instead of rushing to check the condition of the expatriate and offer assistance.

Several people called for placing more bumps and traffic cameras to ensure better compliance with regulations and that drivers do not speed, particularly on busy roads.