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All students to pass as teacher celebrates engagement

Teacher informs his students no one will fail on exam sheet

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Manama: A teacher in Saudi Arabia has waded into controversy after he pledged that all his students would pass in their examinations to celebrate his engagement.

The teacher pledged the 100 per cent success rate on the exam papers that he gave to the students.

“On the occasion of my engagement, no student will fail … All students will pass,” the teacher typed on the exam sheets, Saudi daily Al Madina reported.

Most social media users said the teacher acted frivolously.

“His behaviour was totally inappropriate and he should have never included the success claim on the exam sheets,” Mohammad Al Harbi, a user, posted on Al Madina’s site. “The teacher should have worked on ensuring the success of his students through hard work and dedication.”

Om Touta, another user, said that it was inconceivable that the future of students depended on the mood of the teacher.

Sahar said that she saw the situation as a farce and an abuse of the hard-working students who are “equated with the lazy ones since they will all pass.”

However, Al Nayfa said she saw nothing wrong with the teacher’s pledge.

“We appreciate the teacher is happy to be engaged and he wanted to share his joy with his students. This is a very normal situation and there is no problem with it.”

Abrar attributed the success pledge to the confidence of the teacher.

“He is sure they will all pass because they have been well trained,” she said.

Lateefa concurred and said the teacher knew his students were fully committed to working hard and succeeding in their exams.