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Woman assaults expat for marrying her husband

The Kuwaiti woman made the discovery while placing a call for a Ramadan meal

Manama: A Kuwait woman who was making an order for suhoor, the pre-dawn Ramadan meal, discovered that her husband had taken a second wife without informing anyone.

The wife called a restaurant late in the evening and ordered the food, requesting a quick home delivery.

When the restaurant employee asked for her contact, she gave her husband's mobile number. The number was stored in the restaurant clients' data with a home address, and when the employee verified the details with the woman to make sure there were no misunderstandings, she discovered that he was referring to a different address.

She became alert and went along with the employee, noting down the address, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Sunday.

She later headed to the flat mentioned by the restaurant employee and when she rang the bell, an expatriate woman opened the door.

The first wife asked about the name of the flat owner, and her worst fears came true. The expatriate told her that they had been legally married for eight months after they met at a perfume shop in a mall.

The Kuwaiti woman could not hold herself and assaulted the expatriate physically and verbally, prompting neighbours, alerted by the screams and sounds, to call the interior ministry and report the incident.

A patrol took the two women to a police station and the husband was summoned to deal with the situation.