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Kuwait warns of punitive measures over conscription failure

All Kuwaiti males aged 18 on May 10 and beyond must report for drafting

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Manama: Military authorities in Kuwait have warned that Kuwaitis aged 18 have to comply with the draft registration schedules to avoid punitive measures.

“Those who reached 18 on May 10 and later should register their names within 60 days, either personally at conscription centres or online,” the Armed Forces Staff Presidency said. “Those who fail to register within the prescribed deadlines will face punitive measures that include adding one month of basic service, two months for not responding to conscription calls, a ban on travel and penal measures leading to a jail sentence of two to three years and to a fine of 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars.”

Legal measures and punishments in conscription cases will not run out as they are not subject to statute of limitations and are considered crimes against conduct, honour and honesty that deprive perpetrators of public functions and fundamental rights, the army stressed in its announcement.

“The national military service has provided numerous rights and guarantees for conscripts, including the retention of jobs and full salaries in the public and private sectors and the priority for employment in government jobs.”

Conscripts will also be given perks according to their educational levels.

The obligatory military service was suspended by the parliament in 2001 and its reinstatement has been the subject of a hot debate between its supporters and opposers.

However, the authorities eventually decided the resumption of the compulsory military and called on all Kuwaiti men who turn 18 on May 10 and afterwards to register for drafting.