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Kuwait urges action to ensure nuclear-free world

Refusal to sign non-proliferation treaty hinders world peace

Gulf News

Manama: Kuwait has called on the international community “to work vigorously on ridding the world of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction.”

“Kuwait believes that the only means to rid the world of such weapons is to work in earnest to prevent the proliferation of nuclear arms,” Ebrahim Al Arfaj, the third secretary at the Kuwait permanent delegation to the United Nations, said. “By doing this, the world would live in peace and harmony. Regional conflicts, such as the ones in the Middle East region and other parts of the world, are fuelling the race for nuclear arms acquirement,” the Kuwaiti diplomat told the committee meeting on disarmament and world security at the 67th UN General Assembly, Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) reported on Saturday.

The diplomat said that allowing states like Israel, which has refused to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), to have nuclear capabilities would hinder the goal of a nuclear-free Mideast.

Referring to the Iranian nuclear case, Al Arfaj said that Kuwait hoped that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the world’s central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical cooperation in the nuclear field, and Tehran would continue to cooperate in order to resolve matters of dispute and prevent the region from wading into more conflicts.