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Boy lost in Kuwait desert saved in massive rescue operation

Police, volunteers engage in search in indication of positive social values

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Manama: Kuwaiti authorities have succeeded in finding a four-year-old boy who was lost in the desert where his family was camping.

According to the police, 42 security patrols and helicopters were mobilised in the large-scale search and rescue operation that lasted around two hours.

The boy was found unhurt and in good condition around three kilometres from where his family was camping.

Reports said that the boy was lost after he ventured away from the tent following the family dinner.

The family expressed gratitude to the police and insisted on hosting a lunch banquet in their honour and to thank them for their quick mobilisation and prompt efforts that saved the boy from certain death in the harsh and cold area.

Local Arabic daily Al Watan reported that several people camping next to the family became involved in the search and rescue operation and used their vehicles to look for the lost boy.

“The incident showed a beautiful aspect of the Kuwaiti society,” the daily said. “It demonstrated how people can be united, especially in demanding and challenging times. Their action proved that regardless of their social status and social and sectarian affiliations, people are spontaneously ready to support one another and to put smiles back on the faces of distraught parents or relatives,” it said.

Kuwaiti society has been lately rocked by deep divisions over political stances towards constitutional amendments.

Desert camping is a major feature of the Kuwaiti society with thousands of families setting up private and even corporate tents in the desert to spend free time away from the bustle of the city during the cool temperatures of December, January and February.