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Clinton singles out UAE for praise

US singles out UAE as good example of commitment to peaceful use of nuclear energy

Manama: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has cited the UAE as an outstanding example on full commitment to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

"In this region, we see evidence of real promise on upholding non proliferation norms, and of course, we see areas of profound international concern," Clinton told an international security conference in Manama. "Last year, for example, the UAE concluded an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation with the United States which makes clear that it seeks only the peaceful benefits of nuclear energy, not the capability to produce nuclear weapons," she said in the opening speech of the Manama Dialogue.

The UAE also adopted the IAEA’s Additional Protocol, which will make its nuclear programme transparent, and build confidence in the international community that its intentions are entirely peaceful, she said.

"These steps gave a major boost to the global non proliferation regime, and they paved the way for the UAE to successfully deliver nuclear energy to its citizens," Clinton said.