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Arab solidarity needed to overcome challenges

Bahrain rejects attempts to sow discord in other countries

Image Credit: BNA
Bahrain's Prime Minister Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa receiving Arab ambassadors

Manama: Bahrain's Prime Minister Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa has praised the support of Arab countries to the kingdom in combating terrorism and tackling interference in internal affairs aiming to undermine security and erode stability.

"Countries that seek to eliminate terrorism do not antagonise anyone and all they want is security and safety, which is a fair right," he said. "Abuses and attempts to sow strife and discord in other countries cannot be accepted or condoned by anyone," the premier said as he received ambassadors of Arab countries accredited to Bahrain.

Bahrain supports every effort to strengthen the bonds of Arab solidarity and improve the level of coordination and consultation among Arab countries in order to crystallise common visions on various regional issues and crises, he added, stressing that "this is the best way to address challenges and threats to the security of the region."

Arab solidarity leads the region to the highest levels of development within a secure and stable environment while cooperation is the best way to prevent the dangers that beset the region and the safest and most successful way to stop interference in the domestic affairs of the countries of the region, Prince Khalifa said.

"Preserving Arab security and stability is no longer an option and has become a necessity imposed by the global security and economic challenges that beset the region in various forms and manifestations," he said.

"The targeting of this region and the attempt to undermine its stability have never stopped, and everyone must be vigilant and adhere to the bonds of cooperation and brotherhood. This is the way to survive and overcome these challenges safely without our peoples are negatively affected, be it in their development or in their security."

The prime minister who has regularly championed Gulf and Arab causes said that the wisdom of the leaders of the Arab countries will strengthen pan-Arab cooperation and will empower it in the face of threats, particularly terrorism.

"Arab joint action should be developed in order to overcome all challenges facing our Arab nation at this critical stage of its modern history," he said.