The kiosks provided by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provide various payment options for customers, including cash, credit card, and payment via NFC technology on smartphones.

Dubai: In Dubai, motorists can instantly renew their licence at any time and even receive it within minutes using smart kiosks operated by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

You can find these smart kiosks at RTA customer happiness centres, and vehicle testing centres in Dubai. Some these smart kiosks are also accessible 24x7.

Here is all you need to know about RTA smark kiosks and their locations


Services you can complete through an RTA smart kiosk

According to RTA, the smart kiosks can provide 28 digital services related to vehicle licensing, drivers licensing, Salik and RTA fine payments.

Here are some of the services you can access:

• Renew driving licence.
• Renew vehicle registration.
• Pay RTA parking fines
• Pay Salik fines
• Recharge Salik account
• Replace lost or damaged driving licence
• Replace lost or damaged vehicle registration card.
• Apply for vehicle ownership renewal
• Apply for vehicle ownership certificate
• Vehicle transfer certificate


Why should I use a smart kiosk?

While most services are also available online through the RTA website, getting a physical copy of the document, like your driving licence or a vehicle ownership certificate requires you to either apply for a courier service or visit one of the RTA’s customer happiness centres. These kiosks are equipped with an in-built printer, which delivers the document to you on the spot, making the complete process seamless.

Where to find the 24/7 RTA smart kiosks

According to the RTA website –, there are a total of six locations where you an access a smart kiosk:

1. Customer Happiness Center - Al Barsha
2. Customer Happiness Centre - Al Kifaf
3. RTA HQ Office
4. Customer Happiness Center - Umm Ramool
5. Customer Happiness Center – Deira
6. Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing in Al Mizhar

Other RTA smart kiosks located in Dubai

Apart from these kiosks, there are other smart kiosks as well in Dubai. However, they are located within service centres, and you can only access them during working hours of each of these centres:

1. Customer Happiness Centre - Umm Ramool
2. Customer Happiness Centre – Deira
3. Customer Happiness Centre - Al Barsha
4. Customer Happiness Centre - Al Manara
5. Customer Happiness Centre - Al Twar
6. Customer Happiness Centre - Al Kifaf
7. Tasjeel Al Tawar
8. Barsha Tasjeel
9. Shamil Muhaisna
10. Tamam Vehicle Testing
11. Al Qusais Tasjeel
12. Wasel Vehicle Testing - Al Jaddaf
13. Al Satwa Autopro
14. Emirates Towers
15. Wasel Al Jaddaf
16. Tamam Al Ghandi
17. Al Mutakamela - Al Qouz
18. Al Mutakamela - Ras Al Khor
19. Wasel Vehicles Testing Nad Al Hamar
20. RTA HQ Office
21. Cars Al Mimzar
22. Shamil Al Qusais
23. Tasjeel Al Quasis
24. Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing Mizhar
25. Al Mumayaz Al Barsha