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Tech candy for doctors and patients

We take a look at the latest medical innovations now on show at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai

  • Instant access: Dicompacs Mobileview allows doctors and patients to store and consult medical information on dImage Credit: Supplied
  • Binder KT115 refrigerator incubatorImage Credit: Supplied
  • Med-El Bonebridge hearing implantImage Credit: Supplied
  • Curve Beam-pedCAT for foot scansImage Credit: Supplied
  • Knockout performance: Perseus A500 anaesthesia workstation can be adapted to match the needs of hospitalsImage Credit: Supplied
  • Edge Radiosurgery suite for tumoursImage Credit: Supplied
  • BST Bio Sensor Technologies glucometerImage Credit: Supplied
  • Safe zone: Linet’s Safe Bed concept is designed to prevent accidental falls of patientsImage Credit: Supplied
  • Bedfont Scientific Nox-Box for INO therapyImage Credit: Supplied
  • Rigel Medical Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyserImage Credit: Supplied
GN Focus

Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, average life expectancy has increased by about 30 years. Suffice to say, innovation is at the heart of modern medicine, which, if you follow the eminent American scientist and novelist Carl Sagan’s words, has saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history. With the Arab Health 2013 exhibiting the very best and latest the medical world has to offer in Dubai, GN Focus takes a look at the top 13 innovations to be showcased in the Middle East for the first time.

Med-El Bonebridge hearing implant

Med-El, the leading supplier of hearing implant systems, announced the first implantation of its new bone conduction implant, Bonebridge, in a male patient at Al Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, performed by Prof. Dr Mondy Hammad, Consultant and Head of ENT Department. This new technology’s outstanding features include ease of use, a very low rate of medical complications and can be implanted in a short and straightforward procedure. The Bonebridge is particularly suitable for people suffering from conductive and mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness. The patient, who was suffering from single-sided deafness, is reportedly very satisfied with the outcome.

Dr Hammad, says, “The first Bonebridge implant surgery was a great success and is already changing the life of the patient in a very positive way. It is fantastic that the latest technology in hearing implants has been brought to the UAE and will enable us to extend our spectrum to help patients with hearing difficulties even further.”

The Amadé BB audio processor that sits externally can be worn discreetly covered by hair. The product is approved for use in adults and a clinical trial for use in children is currently under way.

HydroWorx plunge pools for rehabilitation therapy

Ever had a dream where you feel like, or you in fact are, running in water, unable to get anywhere? Well, apparently it’s good for you. Not unconsciously, but in reality. American company HydroWorx has developed the 2000, 1200 and 500 Series of plunge pools, which are being showcased in the Middle East for the first time at the Arab Health show.

The plunge pools are underwater machines used for hydrotherapeutic rehabilitation. The models have been used by British Olympic gold medal long-distance runner Mo Farah and are currently used by both Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club. They allow quicker recovery times from injury and post-activity muscular soreness. High-quality, functional multi-directional movement and conditioning work can be achieved significantly earlier than would normally be advisable on land, which results in early return to physical activity.

Bedfont Scientific NoxBox for INO therapy

Although it looks like an Xbox, it’s not. It’s much more valuable, and now an essential component of inhaled nitric-oxide (INO) treatment for adults and neonates. The all-new NoxBox provides safe and accurate delivery and monitoring of nitric oxide to patients undergoing INO therapy for conditions such as hypoxemia and pulmonary hypertension.

The latest NoxBox, primarily designed for use in a hospital environment, incorporates a portable, detachable head unit to provide continuous treatment for transit and transfer or use in restricted space conditions.

Edge Radiosurgery suite for tumours

The fight against cancer is raging. It’s a fight that is not likely to end anytime soon. Now, Varian Medical Systems has weighed into the bout by unveiling the Edge Radiosurgery Suite. The machine has a fully integrated system for performing advanced radiosurgery using new real-time tumour-tracking technology and motion management capabilities. Combining state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology with real-time tracking and patient positioning, the Edge facilitates fast, accurate delivery of stereotactic radiosurgery to treat any condition amenable to this type of treatment, including tumours of the lung, prostate, brain and spine. It offers clinicians a wide spectrum of capabilities in one smooth end-to-end workflow. With sub-millimetre accuracy, accelerated treatment speeds, and real-time tracking, the Edge could be the sharpest radiosurgery tool on the market.

The Edge Radiosurgery Suite is currently pending FDA 510(k) clearance and CE Mark compliance and is not yet available for sale.

DicomPacs MobileView for digital data storage

Paperwork is the bane of many professions. Especially in medicine when doctors and patients alike have to keep tabs on medical history in said way. But the DicomPacs MobileView is the latest step in the digital effort to streamline all this information into a tablet-sized, work-friendly gizmo.

DicomPacs MobileView works independently of any internet browser and allows worldwide access to all images and databases. DicomPacs encompasses the acquisition, processing, communication and archiving of image material. All types of images (X-rays, CT, MRI, digital camera, and ultrasound) as well as all kinds of documents (doctors’ letters, diagnoses, recovery processes, faxes) can be acquired and then filed in the digital patient file only one mouse click away. And thanks to the wonders of cyberspace, the file can grow unrestricted.

Curve Beam-pedCAT for foot scans

Physicians can now get three-dimensional, weight-bearing images of the foot and ankle within minutes of submitting a scan thanks to the pedCAT system. The revolutionary imaging system reconstructs the foot’s anatomy in its true physiological position within minutes. Easy to use for both doctor and patient, the pedCAT scans one foot in less than 20 seconds or both feet in less than 40 seconds in weight bearing or non-weight-bearing positioning. An exact digitised replica of the foot and ankle is produced in less than three minutes allowing physicians to access skeletal injury and abnormalities just as quickly.

Rigel Medical Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyser

What happens when the life-saving defibrillator doesn’t work, runs low or is overpowered with electricity? It ceases to become life-saving. But now, that need never be the case. Rigel’s new Uni-Therm high-current electrosurgical analyser accurately tests all modern low-, medium- and high-current electrosurgical generators. With a new ultra-low inductance, high resolution load bank, the Uni-Therm accurately details the power in response to varying loads.

BST Bio Sensor Technologies glucometer

The Glukometer allows patients to monitor abnormally low or high blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia) without having to drag themselves to a crowded hospital. From the bedside, patients can use the Glukometer as whole blood or as a plasma calibrated instrument. The calibration is indicated directly on the screen and software functions are integrated to support reliable handling. The same technology is available for lactate determinations to monitor the training state of humans and animals directly out of capillary whole blood samples.

Safer intelligent beds for hospital patients

According to the latest statistics, every 100th hospital patient suffers a fall from bed. One fifth of such falls result in serious injury. And Linet Group’s latest offering, Safe Bed has been designed specifically to overcome such unwelcome anomalies. Linet’s Safe Bed concept portfolio is aimed at addressing the new European standard EN 60601-2-52, due to take effect in April this year, which stipulates construction characteristics in relation to patient safety. Linet’s Vitalmonitor system which Linet integrates into hospital beds, also on show, provides touch-free monitoring of basic vital functions among patients including heart rate and respiratory activity.

Binder KT115 refrigerator incubator

Flaunting the latest incubator technology at the Arab Health show is Binder’s all new KT 115 biological refrigerating incubator. Equipped with an energy-efficient Peltier element, this state-of-the-art refrigeration technology cools without a compressor. With its comprehensive programme functions, the new all-rounder for incubating biological material offers a wide range of capabilities and guarantees reproducible results. In contrast to a compressor, Peltier technology, used exclusively for cooling, is vibration free and reduces energy consumption significantly.

Versatile new Dräger anaesthesia workstation

The procurement and use of anaesthetic in operating theatres is one of the most significant developments in modern surgery and hospital operations. And the technology for effective anaesthetic administration is advancing apace.

The Perseus A500 anaesthesia workstation is to be unveiled at this year’s Arab Health exhibition. It is one of Dräger’s largest development projects ever. The Perseus workstation can be adapted to match the needs of hospitals and their anaesthesiologists by combining the different hardware options, shelf arrangements, and storage areas in more than 100 different ways, rendering the anaesthetic process easier and consistent.

Mueller muscular healing tape for athletes

It’s seldom you can truly say that adhesive tape has had a resurgence. But, truth be told, the sticky stuff has made a big difference to the protection of athletes in the sports industry in the past couple of years. And Mueller’s latex-free kinesiology tape has been at the forefront of this renaissance.

And at the Arab Health show, Mueller will be showcasing the brand-new PerformPlus tape — the very best zinc oxide athletic trainer’s tape in the market. It is designed to help increase the natural blood flow around your muscles and features a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with your skin and muscles as you heal. It’s the new body armour for the athlete.

Maquet cardiovascular multi-function catheter

The Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter is the most advanced double lumen cannula and provides patients requiring catheter treatment “a complete range of best-in-class products from tip to tip,” says Maquet Cardiovascular.

The new catheter invention, developed by Avalon Laboratories and acquired by Maquet, is the latest step forward in extracorporeal life support systems, and allows simultaneous venous drainage and reinfusion of blood via the internal jugular vein.

The catheter is designed to increase the efficiency of blood gas exchange by draining blood while simultaneously reinfusing it directly into the heart. It is also designed to minimise recirculation and maximise blood flow while providing a less invasive solution for patients.


Show notes

Arab Health starts today and will run until Thursday at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. With more than 3,500 exhibiting companies from 32 countries, and 18 Continuing Medical Education accredited medical conferences, it is a much anticipated event in the region.

Sensing opportunities for growth and keeping in mind the growing demand for complementary and alternative medicine, Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, the organiser of Arab Health Exhibition and Congress, will run the conference focused on these demands

— Chiranti Sengupta/Features Writer