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Satori & The Band From Space Image Credit: Supplied

The first Groove on the Grass of 2020 is here, kicking off at the Emirates Gold Club on February 21.

Now in its eighth season, the Dubai-based open-air music festival has pledged to renew its commitment to its core values.

“From the beginning of Groove on the Grass, our purpose has been to infuse passion into a set of values aimed at making the festival experience more powerful, inclusive, and memorable,” says their latest statement.

“We are so thankful for the support you’ve shown us on this journey together, and we cannot wait to welcome you to Season 8: The Season of Infinity. We pledge that, as long as our brand exists, our core values will remain the same as they have been from day one.”

As part of their latest series of events, Groove on the Grass stands for InfiniteArt, InfiniteLove, InfiniteCreativity and InfiniteFlow, highlighting the importance of “the love of music and art,” “acceptance and tolerance,” “creative expression” and “artistic enlightenment.”

“Our main purpose remains the same: To create meaningful memories which we will carry with us on our unique journeys.”


This weekend, the event will take place across two stages from 5pm to 3am, with a dress code of “come as you are”.

The main stage will welcome the four member group Satori & The Band From Space, Frankey & Sandrino, Matthew Dekay, Josephine de Retour, Morgan Dope and Space K.

Meanwhile, at the Blu Arena, the line-up includes Sama, Marvin & Guy, Hassan Alwan and Tristan Girault.

Last year, Groove on the Grass celebrated their 8th anniversary in November with a headlining performance from Lebanese group Mashrou’ Leila and more.


Groove on the Grass is an independent music and arts event founded in the UAE.

“We’re excited to be bringing cutting-edge talent that continues to break the mould and disrupts Dubai’s commercial entertainment offerings. Groove on the Grass is a cultural development project and, with this new season, we will continue to highlight our key values,” founder Deian Markov earlier said.

*Tickets to the 21+ event start from Dh195.