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Last week was jam-packed with K-Pop stars ready to drop new music. To keep up with the fast-paced industry, here are the top comebacks to check out:

1. The Boyz

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The Boyz’s first full-length album ‘Reveal’ topped the UAE iTunes albums chart. The up-and-coming rookie act tapped into a whole new mature and charismatic side in comparison to their previous boyish image, especially heard in their pop R’n’B title track of the same name. Accompanied by a music video, ‘Reveal’ showcases a werewolf concept that exposes the members’ dark and riveting charms.

2. Rocket Punch

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Rookie girl group Rocket Punch bounced back into the K-Pop spotlight with their second mini-album ‘Red Punch’, fronted by upbeat dance song ‘Bouncy’. This time, they combined their bubbly side with a more flamboyant and confident one. Their new work landed second on the UAE iTunes albums chart, right after The Boyz’s ‘Reveal’.

3. Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet
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Said to be inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s composition ‘Fur Elise’, their newest digital single, ‘Hand’s Up’, marks Cherry Bullet’s return as a seven-member piece. Putting their cute image aside, they returned with an energetic and bold new look, taking into account the word ‘Bullet’ in their name.

4. Kard


After a five-month hiatus, the co-ed act made a powerful and long-awaited comeback with brand new EP, ‘Red Moon’. This time, the quartet brought back the Moombahton genre — a combination of reggae and electro house — in its lead track, reminiscing of their debut work.

With all the members having a hand in the album-making process, the five-track release also includes unit songs for the first time, heard in ‘Inferno’ rapped by BM and J.Seph and ‘Enemy’ sung by Somin and Jiwoo.

5. Pentagon

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Cube Entertainment’s boy group dropped their first full-length album, ‘Universe: The Black Hall’, since they launched into the K-Pop music scene. The 11-track album is fronted by track ‘Dr BeBe’ that is centred around the cycle of being in love — “love, fall, hurt, and crazy”. The title track’s daunting music video reveals the members’ intense and dark transformation.

6. AB6IX

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AB6IX got fans excited when they announced their comeback with digital EP, ‘5NALLY’, which marks four months since the release of their first full-length album, ‘6IXENSE’.

Their newest production includes solos from each member: ‘Moondance’ by Jeon Woong, ‘More’ by Kim Dong-hyun, ‘Rose, Scent, Kiss’ by Lee Dae-hwi, ‘Break Up’ by Lim Young-min and ‘Color Eye’ by Park Woo-jin.

7. Mamamoo’s Moonbyul

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Mamamoo’s Moonbyul revealed the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in her second solo EP last Friday. The K-Pop artist showed her duality as she wrestles between her light and dark side in the title track’s music video. The new six-track EP consists of tracks ‘Mirror’, ‘Iljido’, ‘Moon Movie’, ‘Snow’ as well as ‘Weird Day’ featuring Punch.

8. Monsta X

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On Friday, Monsta X became the first K-Pop group to release an all English-language album. Coincidentally, ‘All About Luv’ dropped on Valentine’s Day, but it’s not what you’d entirely call a love album. Featuring various sonic styles, ‘All About Luv’ explores elements and emotions of relationships and features high-profile collaborations from Pitbull, will.i.am and French Montana. The newest musical offering marks their first release for the year and since Wonho’s departure in 2019.