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Seventeen Image Credit: Korea Creative Content Agency

Coca-Cola Arena has officially confirmed in a tweet that the South Korean music show Music Bank will be bringing its world tour live on March 21.

As Gulf News tabloid first revealed earlier this month, the ‘Music Bank in Dubai’ stage is set to dazzle with performances by popular and well-established K-Pop acts Twice, Seventeen, Monsta X, Jus2 as well as Exo’s Baekhyun.

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Monsta X Image Credit: Starship Entertainment

The big news earlier Friday morning prompted fans to tweet their excitement and thrill of having another K-Pop concert the same weekend. On March 20, the arena will be also be taken over by ‘K-Pop Super Concert’, with veteran K-Pop group Super Junior as the headliners along with anticipated performances from groups NCT 127 and Laboum, reggae duo RGP and soloist Jun.

The confirmed KBS Music Bank stellar-studded line-up list unquestionably have a massive fan following in the UAE. Music from the popular acts has been seen taking over the local iTunes chart with new releases.

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EXO's Baekhyun. Image Credit: Supplied

While Twice and GOT7’s unit group Jus2 will stage their debut performance at the multi-purpose indoor arena, it isn’t the first for Exo member Baekhyun and Seventeen in the UAE.

Baekhyun previously performed at 2018’s ‘SMTown Live World Tour VI in Dubai’ and flew to Dubai to film project group SuperM’s debut music video last year.

As for Seventeen, the K-Pop sensation held a mini-concert alongside other Korean acts at the Dubai World Trade Centre for the Korea Brand & Content Expo 2019 event last October, while Monsta X performed at KCON 2016 Abu Dhabi.

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Jus2. Image Credit: Supplied

All-male group Monsta X performed at the MDL Beast Festival in Riyadh in December of last year.

Dubai is one of many long lists of city stops as part of KBS Music Bank’s annual concert world tour. The South Korean TV show has hosted its concert series in cities such as Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Turkey and Brazil since 2001. The emirate will reportedly become it’s 15th world tour location.

The latest announcement comes after Korean broadcasting companies and music labels have halted or suspended K-Pop events and concerts amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and the safety of fans and its artists.

More details on the duration and tickets are yet to be revealed.