Author and columnist Twinkle Khanna. Image Credit: IANS

Actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna has reacted to the debate raging on social media, ever since a food delivery giant announced that all its women employees, including transgender people, can avail up to 10 days of period leaves in a year.

Emphasising on #EqualNotIdentical, Khanna wrote on Instagram: “Are we really saying we can’t give women leave or the prospect of working from home for that one day? My opinion of gritting our teeth and bearing it, fighting our biology so we can say we are as good as men has changed over time. We are equal, not identical #EqualNotIdentical.”

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Several social media users agreed with Twinkle.

“So true,” a user commented.

“Well said,” another one wrote.

Khanna is currently spending time with her family in the UK, where her husband Akshay Kumar is shooting for his upcoming film, ‘BellBottom’.