US tech firm Atom Alloys wins Maritime Standard Award
Capt. Abdulkareem Al Masabi, CEO, ADNOC Logistics & Services, presented the award to Ajit Tharoor(CEO) of Atom Alloys. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Atom Alloys, a US-based impact-driven safety innovation company, has won the Safety and Security Award at the The Maritime Standards Awards.

Atom, which is now deployed across North America, Japan, Middle East and India, suppresses the explosion of hydrocarbon fuels in storage and transportation units as well as LPG tanks.

“Atom is being extensively used for the extraordinary value it brings: Helping address the colossal damage to human lives, property and the environment due to explosions of fuel storage and transportation units,” said Pierro Ricotti of Atom Alloys.

It is the first certified solution to offer a full range system to prevent explosions in highly inflammable LPG/Fuel storages at industrial scale. The application does not need any human intervention or triggering factors to function.

Applicable at any scale – from a jerry can to a fuel-tanker – Atom creates an ecosystem of safety. The technology can protect workplace and residence that uses fuel – from hospitals and malls to schools and industrial complexes –and convert them into safe zones.