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The oil re-refinery facility can process around 1,400 tonnes of oily waste and 600 sludge generated by the marine, oil, gas, and industrial sectors per month. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Environmental Solutions division of Dulsco Group has launched an oil re-refinery plant, said to be a first of its type in the region. The facility, located at Jebel Ali, spans over 14,000 square metres.

“Our priority is to play a leading role nationally in implementing sustainable infrastructure for the future,” said David Stockton, CEO, Dulsco. “We do this by ensuring that our values are applied through investment, expertise, and education in circular economy best practices and recycling projects.

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“Our ultimate aim is not solely for us - we encourage others to maintain their resources for as long as possible, to extract maximum value during their lifespan. Materials can then be recovered and products regenerated as their service life comes to an end,” said Stockton. Image Credit: Supplied

“Dulsco’s re-refinery facility adds to Dubai’s goal of providing a fully-integrated resolution to the maritime industry’s various oily wastes to help protect the environment and our vital natural resources,” the CEO added.