190416 aramex delivery
Aramex is working on expanding its Abu Dhabi network and clients. The latest deals will help it on its way. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Aramex has struck a service level agreement with Transportr, the digital freight platform, by which it will provide the "best possible agreements" on rates and transit time for sea freight logistics.

The partnership is in line with Aramex’s plans to benefit from further expansion into Abu Dhabi’s logistics sector for its freight forwarding and B2B categories. Earlier, Ittihad International Investment, an  industrial group in Abu Dhabi, signed an agreement with Transportr to be its service provider for all sea and land transportation in the GCC.

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According to Amer Kakish, CEO of Ittihad International Investment, “The partnership between Aramex and Transportr will enable us to accelerate our transactions and processes while driving more business impact for our customers.”

Bashar Obeid, CEO of Aramex, said: “Together we will be contributing to the advancement and proliferation of the logistics sector in Abu Dhabi, a key area of focus for the government." Earlier this year, Aramex was tapped by Mubadala Healthcare as the logistics partner to help distribute door-to-door critical medical supplies to up to 2,000 patients across the UAE.