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Abu Dhabi Awards: your turn to do a good deed

Even one nomination can help somebody win the prestigious trophy

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Dr. Taisser Atrak, head of the paediatrics department of Mafraq Hospital, won the award in 2011

Abu Dhabi: Your neighbour, sibling or old teacher could be the recipient of the next Abu Dhabi Award provided they have done something selfless and productive for the emirate. All you have to do is nominate the person.

Speaking at the launch of this year’s edition last week, Abdulnaser Al Rashedi, member of the Abu Dhabi Awards Organising Committee, said: “We encourage everyone to nominate those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to helping others and inspired the community of Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain region or Al Dhafra region. One nomination is all it takes to recognise this act of giving. We hope that people from across the emirate will join with us to nominate and recognise the good amongst us.”

The committee will review every nomination with equal prudence. A person who may have got hundreds of nominations does not have an edge over another who has got only a single one. The nominations can also be extended to Abu Dhabi citizens residing elsewhere or people across the globe if they have done something positive for the emirate.

Why nominate?

Since its inception in 2005, the Abu Dhabi Awards has recognised 71 unsung heroes. Nominations to date total almost a quarter of a million, representing 135 nationalities. The contributions from past recipients have covered areas ranging from medical research and humanitarian relief work to preservation of Abu Dhabi culture and history.

“I would request people to nominate and recognise people who work in silence,” said Dr. Taisser Atrak, head of the paediatrics department of Mafraq Hospital. The American was awarded the honour in 2011 for his awareness campaign on the safety of children in traffic.

The youngest recipient of the award till date is Abdul Muqeet, who was only 10 years old when he was honoured in 2011.

“Nominating someone means acknowledging their outstanding work and indirectly inspiring others to do good deeds. If one person sets a good example, it encourages others and the whole society becomes better,” said Abdul who is now in grade 10. He is known as the Paper Bag Boy and still continues with his campaign to reduce plastic and recycle paper.

Easier process

Recognising the fact that the nomination forms were too elaborate and were deterring people from the process, the committee has revamped the format. Here’s how you can make a nomination:

-Online at

-Via the Facebook page

-Eight in-mall stands and 40 collection centres across the capital, Al Ain and the Al Dhafra region

-Via the call centre on 800 3331

The deadline for nominations ends on June 3. The winners will honoured at the Abu Dhabi Awards ceremony in early 2018.

“People think it’s the number of nominations that make the winner, but that’s a misconception. We will evaluate every nomination based on its impact on the society,” said Al Rashedi. “Nominating in itself is an act of goodness, since you are not doing it for yourself. So I urge people to nominate deserving candidates and help them get their due recognition.”


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