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There is so much misunderstanding and stigmatisation on why people are overweight. It is a complex issue and people need to be treated individually,” explains Dr André Heikius, medical director of the Finnish company has pioneered what they term “weight happiness”, their concept of a patient improving emotional wellbeing while safely losing weight and improving overall health. Each customer receives personalised advice and support. The goal is for a patient to be happy during the entire process.

“Our weight happiness idea was born in Finland, which the UN has ranked as the world’s happiest country,” says Heikius. “We have a compassionate, accepting way of helping people. We encourage and listen to them.”

Customers from anywhere in the world can receive remote visits from experts on nutrition, exercise, psychology and medicine. includes a comprehensive array of both lifestyle and medical services to fit someone’s precise needs. The platform also includes digital tools to help people in their weight happiness journey.

“We have developed this solution over the past ten years in our clinical work and now we are ready to help people internationally,” Heikius says. “You get better results if you feel good about yourself during the process.”

Please visit if you are interested in starting your personal weight happiness journey or if your wellbeing company is interested in collaboration.