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The Portuguese Golden Visa programme targets high profile non-EU investors interested in having a backup plan for their future generations. The advantages of Portuguese Golden Visa programme are unique for investors allowing them and their family members to freely travel, work, live and study in all 26 Schengen countries. After five years, based on the current Portuguese law of citizenship, one can also apply for Portuguese passport, which grants visa-free access to more than 170 countries.

It is the only programme in Europe that allows investors and their families to gain European citizenship within five years without any requirement for relocation (only 14 days stay every two years are required). The residence permit programme is a scheme that grants investors access to Portuguese residency through investment, starting at €280,000 (Dh1,046,285).

After approval, investors immediately gain access to Portugal’s public hospitals at no charge, as well as to European universities and job markets. Applying for a Portuguese Golden Visa brings a wealth of opportunities – from exciting business prospects to long-term plans for retirement, education and career for the next generation.

The worldwide instability, due to unpredictable scenarios like Covid-19, Russia and Ukraine conflict, political and economical uncertainties in several countries and tax pressure are presenting huge challenges to investors and their families. These days, having a back up plan is no longer a possibility, but a must have for many people.

Investment options

In Portugal, there are several options of investment in order to obtain the Golden Visa residency permits. Investors have shown more interest in the Portuguese real estate, due to the huge returns the market is providing, both on rental income and capital appreciation. When it comes to real estate, investors are required to invest at least €280,000. Alternatively, Golden Visa applicants can access the scheme through an investment in a Portuguese Investment Fund with a minimum value €500,000. PTGoldenVisa is able to provide a list of top available funds qualifying clients for Golden Visa, based on their performance and credibility of the management teams.

Since January 1, 2022, rules of the programme have changed with applied geographical restrictions on the qualifying areas for real estate investments. Residential properties are available for investors only in the interior of Portugal and islands. Therefore, investing in popular cities such as Lisbon or Porto are only possible if the investment is in commercial non-residential properties, such as offices or shops.

On the contrary, the new rules broaden the geographical availability to the interior of Portugal and to the popular islands such as Madeira and Azores, where PTGoldenVisa has been offering several profitable projects that guarantee a title deed for investors and rental returns that can go up to 5 per cent per year.

PTGoldenVisa is focused on bringing the most profitable projects in Portugal to investors. The sourcing team works on the basis of an algorithm that only allows selection of projects located in areas with room for capital appreciation, easy to rent out to local population (long-term rentals) and/or tourists (short rental market), that are not overpriced and that guarantees investors a title deed (100 per cent ownership).

PTGoldenVisa is against risky investments that do not guarantee a full ownership to investors. Our company has local knowledge and experience, with the capacity to identify the projects that generate great returns, and also the ones clients should avoid.

About PTGoldenVisa

PTGoldenVisa is a one-stop-shop service provider for the Portuguese Residency Permit by Investment programme, also known as Golden Visa. The company acts as an integrated service provider for foreign investors in Portugal, offering an outstanding 100 per cent approval rate in all applications submitted and it has been awarded every year as the best service provider by the Golden Visa investors. PTGoldenVisa is able to approve investors with the best and most profitable investments, in-person or remotely.

PTGoldenVisa provides a complete service, starting from real estate investment solutions to consultancy on Golden Visa programme assuring solutions for all legal steps, banking services, tax optimisation and property management. The firm is managed by two experienced Portuguese entrepreneurs. Its main office is in Portugal, with a team of 40 Portuguese staff ready to deliver.

In the Dubai office, PTGoldenVisa has a team that promotes the programme and supports clients on the documentation requested. It is also expanding its presence to India, where it has established a branch in Mumbai.

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