drone sighting
Players from Brentford and Wolverhampton Wanderers were forced off the pitch during their game today after a drone flew into the Brentford Community Stadium. Image Credit: File photo

Brentford’s English Premier League match against with Wolves had to be stopped and the players were forced to leave the field as a drone was spotted flying over the pitch.

The flying object was seen by officials during the first half at the Brentford Community Stadium.

Referee Peter Bankes brought play to a halt and led the players off the pitch during the first half. The game was stopped for 18 minutes before the players returned to the pitch with the game still goalless.

Player safety

Premier League rules state that any unauthorised drone that appears in and above a stadium during a game must see the players leave the pitch for their own safety.

It is unknown who the drone belongs to and where it came from.