Washing hands video
A video of a teacher demonstrating the importance of washing hands with soap is going viral online Image Credit: Twitter

As the world battles the deadly coronavirus, public service messages about the importance of washing hands with soap and water are everywhere. Now, a video of a teacher using a unique experiment to demonstrate the hygiene practice to her students has gone viral and people are loving her approach.

The clip that has been shared numerous times online, shows the teacher dipping a student’s fingers in a dish of black pepper flakes floating in water. The flakes represent germs or viruses. After that she asks the students watching to observe the flakes on her hands. A few seconds later, the teacher dips her fingers in the soap before dipping it back in the black pepper water.

As soon as the student dips the soapy finger in the water, the pepper flakes get repulsed. Students are heard gasping in awe and the teacher can be heard saying: “You see how important it is to wash your hands with soap?”

Internet users thought that the educationalist’s approach to highlight the importance of practicing good hygiene at a time of a pandemic was effective. Many netizens shared the video and appreciated her effort.

A Twitter user, @kamaljitsandhu, shared the clip and wrote: Small but effective video shows how soap acts against virus. This is a teacher’s demonstration, equally educative for adults. And yes, please wash your hands.”

Another tweep, who identifies as a teacher in their bio, shared a series of pictures also demonstrating the same experiment to a bunch of students.

Thorough hand washing, using alcohol-based hand sanitisers, avoiding physical contact with people and practicing social distancing have been some of the ways experts have suggested to control the spread of coronavirus.