Abdallah Hamdok
In this file photo taken on August 21, 2019 Abdallah Hamdok, speaks after being sworn in as Sudan's interim prime minister in the capital Khartoum. Image Credit: AFP

Khartoum: Sudan's civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resigned Sunday.

Sudan had been undergoing a fragile journey toward civilian rule since the 2019 ouster of Omar Al Bashir.

"I have tried my best to stop the country from sliding towards disaster," Hamdok said Sunday evening, addressing the nation on state television.

Sudan "is crossing a dangerous turning point that threatens its whole survival", he said.

Hamdok cited "the fragmentation of the political forces and conflicts between the (military and civilian) components of the transition" and said that "despite everything that has been done to reach a consensus... it has not happened".

Mass protests against the coup have continued even after Hamdok was reinstated, as demonstrators distrust veteran general Burhan and his promise to guide the country toward full democracy.

Protesters also charged that the deal to reinstate Hamdok simply aimed to give the cloak of legitimacy to the generals, whom they accuse of trying to continue the regime built by Bashir.

Thousands of demonstrators on Sunday braved tear gas, a heavy troop deployment and a telecommunications blackout to demand a civilian government.