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Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Two Egyptian brothers reportedly killed and dismembered their mother’s lover after catching them together, local media reported.

According to police reports, the two brothers cut the victim’s body into pieces and threw each part in a different place. They said that they found their mother and her lover in a compromising position, and acted out of fury. 

They are said to have been trying to hide their crime so their family name would not be dragged through the mud. because of their mother’s fornication.

According to 'Cairo 24', the crime came to light after police received a report about the disappearance of a person. Cops later found a severed head dumped in Mansha’at Nasser area.

A DNA test confirmed it was that of the missing man. Immediately, the Egyptian police launched an extensive investigation into the crime, which ended up in pointing the finger at two brothers.

Soon after being arrested, the two brothers admitted to killing and dismembering the man into five pieces to defend their honour.

The two suspects used a cleaver and saw to tear the body into several pieces, police reports said.

The duo have been arrested and will be referred to the public prosecution for further legal actions.