Moscow: A Russian soldier who had come under fire in Syria’s Aleppo region has died of his injuries, Russia’s defence ministry has said.

The soldier, identified as Sergeant Mikhail Shirokopoyas, was injured after vehicles belonging to the Russian ceasefire monitoring in Syria came under fire in early May, the defence ministry said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies.

Shirokopoyas was later transported to a Moscow hospital, where he died last week.

The ministry said “doctors fought for his life” but that the serviceman could not be saved.

Shirokopoyas is the ninth Russian soldier killed in Syria since Moscow launched a bombing campaign in September to support long-time ally Bashar Al Assad.

Another Russian serviceman reportedly committed suicide at Russia’s Hmeimim base in Syria in the first month of the operation.

Shirokopoyas’ father Gennady told a local branch of state media in the Russian far east on Wednesday that his 35-year-old son had been serving in Syria since April.

Gennady Shirokopoyas described his son’s burial, which took place at an undisclosed date in the village of Seryshevo in Russia’s Amur region, as having had “all military honours.”

“I have one complaint against the army: my son is no more,” state media quoted Gennady Shirokopoyas as saying.