Ramallah: The Palestinian Authority is directly and negatively affected by the unrest in Egypt, according to a top Palestinian official.

Azzam Al Ahmad, a member of the Fatah Central Committee and the head of the Fatah Parliamentary Block at the Palestinian Legislative Council, told Gulf News there will be a delay in the move to submit a draft resolution to the United Nations condemning Israel’s colony-building activities in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem.

“We have been exerting extensive effort to hold a vote at the UN Security Council immediately after February 5, the time the Middle East Quartet is scheduled to meet,” Al Ahmad said. “This will surely get delayed.”

He added: “All events in the Arab World have their effects on the Palestinian cause, but the effect is even greater when it comes to Egypt, positively or negatively.”

Egypt has a fundamental and historic role in the Palestinian cause, Al Ahmad said. “The fact that Egypt has got engaged and busy with its domestic affairs, especially during this particularly critical and delicate time, does have a negative effect on the Palestinians,” he added.

“We really hope Egypt gets over its internal situation at the earliest to assume its leading role in the Arab world and the Middle East. The Palestinian leadership is monitoring the situation closely.
“The last thing we are worried about is the Palestinian cause in the hearts and minds of the Egyptians,” he said.

Al Ahmad said he believes in the political awareness of Egyptians. “We do not believe the Muslim Brotherhood can assume power in Egypt. But the Egyptians will make their choice,” he said.