Picture for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: A male nurse at a private hospital in Egypt had been arrested for having allegedly sexually molested a patient inside an intensive care unit, a local newspaper reported.

Accompanied by her sister, the woman had been taken to the hospital in Giza south of Cairo with a breathing problem, Al Masry Al Youm reported.

The nurse had transferred the patient to an ICU room and asked her sister to remain outside.

The patient claimed that while in the ICU, the nurse had touched parts of her body “taking advantage of my illness and being on my own”. She alleged it was an attempted sexual assault on her.

“He put his hand on sensitive parts of my body in an attempt to rape me. When I noticed his act, I reproached him. He then left the room,” she was quoted as saying.

Denying the claims, the Egyptian nurse told police after arrest that he was performing pulmonary resuscitation on the patient in the ICU in line with standard medical rules.

The suspect is in remand, pending further interrogation.