Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A Jordanian businessman has kicked up a controversy among the Jordanian community after offering a $15,000 (Dh55,000) reward for information on his missing dog, local media reported.

The dog named “Thunder Great Dan” is said to have been lost in the Tal Al Rumman area of capital Amman.

The dog’s owner said in his announcement that the dog has asthma and cannot live more than two days on the streets.

The announcement sparked a controversy in the Kingdom, eliciting strong reactions both for and against the businessman’s action. Many social media users criticised him for the huge cash prize while many people are struggling to meet their daily needs.

In yet another similar incident, a Jordanianwoman had offered a financial reward for anyone who can help find her missing cat in Amman

Social media users have widely shared pictures of the missing cat and said that it was lost next to a school in the Umm Al Summaq area in the capital.