201014 assault
A screengrab from the social media video. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: Jordanian security authorities have arrested four men for brutally assaulting an Egyptian expat worker and dragging him through the streets in Kerak, local media reported on Wednesday.

The assailants appeared in a video that went viral on social media and sparked widespread anger in Jordan. The incident happened in Kerak city, 140km south-west of capital Amman, in September. However, the footage of the crime has been circulated on social media recently.

The video was met with angry reactions by Jordanians who called on the government to bring the culprits to justice, demanding a severe penalty.

The arrests were made by the Jordanian authorities after the circulation of the video.

Amer Al Sartawi, spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate, said: “The video, which shows a group of men while brutally assaulting the victim with sharp objects and dragging him through the streets of Kerak, was filmed by a passer-by in September, but the footage was circulated two days ago.”

“All the suspects [who] appeared in the video have been arrested and referred to judicial authorities for legal action,” he added.

Al Sartawi said the incident took place in revenge for a previous dispute. The Egyptian victim had assaulted one of the suspects and filmed him.

According to Egyptian media, Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Expatriate Egyptians’ Affairs, called Sharif Kamel, the Egyptian Minister to Jordan, to learn more about the incident. She said Egypt is coordinating with Jordanian authorities to follow up on the investigation.