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Dubai: An Egyptian girl has been killed in Daqahliya governorate following an attempted rape, local media reported.

The suspect lured the eight-year-old girl into his home when she was going to buy bread from a bakery close to her house and tried to rape her. When she resisted and started screaming for help, he killed her.

The shocking incident has caused outrage among the people who demanded to take justice in their own hands.

Hundreds attended the funeral of the girl held in the early hours of Wednesday.

The head of Daqahliya Security Directorate, Raafat Abdel Baeth, was notified by the Director of the Daqahliya Investigation Department that the body of a girl had been found in a Dikirnis building. An angry mob gathered around the house she was found in to kill the suspect themselves.

Criminal investigation officers moved to the scene of the incident where they located the victim’s body next to the murder weapons. Blood was found on the clothes of the accused after his arrest.

The crowd attempted to storm the house even after security forces imposed a security cordon, forcing them to fire tear gas in an attempt to disperse the mob.

The police managed to transfer the accused to the police station. Hours after the victim’s autopsy, the coroner’s report revealed that no rape had taken place but there was evidence the suspect had attempted to rape her.

Signs of a struggle were also present on the girl's body, which was covered in stab wounds. Prosecutors ordered the burial of the body and detained the accused who confessed during interrogation to committing the crime.