Lady doctor burns mother-son duo in act of vengeance
A nine-year-old boy in Egypt has died after he was burnt in a bullying incident. Image for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A nine-year-old Egyptian boy succumbed to burns after a month in hospital due to severe injuries induced by his friends, local media has reported.

The victim, Mohammed Abdul Azeem, suffered 80 per cent burns that he sustained after three friends poured kerosene on his body before throwing a burning plastic plate on him.

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The incident occurred a month ago in Sadat City located in the Monufia Governorate, 94 kilometres northwest of Cairo

The victim’s father, Ahmed Abdul Azeem, said: “My son succumbed to his burns after one month in the intensive care unit in the University hospital where a medical team conducted 10 surgeries on him in an effort to save his life.”

“Mohammed was a victim of bullying as his friends used to mistreat him and make fun of him because of my work as a garbage collector,” the father added.

The Public Prosecution has ordered to place the three children in a juvenile institution, as they are aged 9-10 years.