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Dubai: An Egyptian woman was arrested on charges of killing her two-week-old baby girl by throwing her alive into a water tank on the roof of their house to please her husband who did not like to have girls, local media reported.

The crime happened in Abu Al Matamir town in El Beheira Governorate in the northern part of the country in the Nile Delta in Egypt.

The El Beheira Security Department received a report from Abu Al Matamir police station where a health inspector had a criminal suspicion of the death of the infant, who was already buried after her mother claimed that she died due to natural causes.

The Abu Al Matamir prosecutor ordered the exhumation of the toddler’s body three days after her burial to conduct an autopsy and investigate the authenticity and causes of her death.

A team of detectives led by Maj. Gen. Mohamed Shaarawy, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, concluded that there was a criminal suspicion of the toddler’s death.

The newly married woman, Sara, confessed to having thrown her infant daughter alive into the water tank until she died because her husband did not want to have girls.