A mosque in Egypt. Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: An imam of a mosque in an Egyptian province died while he was leading worshippers at night prayers, a local newspaper has said.

Mohammad Marwan, 55, collapsed on Wednesday night during the Taraweeh, voluntary prayers associated with Ramadan, in a village in the Delta governorate of Menufia north of Cairo, the news portal Al Youm Al Saba reported.

“My brother died while leading the faithful in Taraweeh,” Marwan’s sister Sanya said.

“He suffered severe pain in the chest and breathed his last as he was transferred to hospital,” she added.

Hundreds of villagers attended the cleric’s funeral, according to the report.

“Although people are sad for Sheikh Mohammad’s death, they felt happy due to the good end to his life,” a witness said, referring to the imam’s death during prayer.

“He learnt the Holy Quran by heart and taught most children of the village how to memorise Allah’s Book [the Quran],” he added.