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Police investigations showed that the father was behind the murder. Representational image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: An Egyptian court has convicted a father of killing his teenage son with a scalpel and sentenced him to death, local media reported.

The convict had admitted to having murdered his 13-year-old boy, saying he was hyperactive and suffered from a brain disorder.

The murder dates back to earlier this year when residents of a village in the Delta province of Mansura found a dead body of the boy abandoned in a roadside canal.

Police investigations showed that the father was behind the murder.

The suspect had initially claimed that his son had disappeared after going to a local gym. But later, the father admitted to have given his son sleeping pills and killed him with a scalpel he had bought at a pharmacy.

The father said his ill boy had caused several problems and that days before the murder he heard him saying his parents loved his brother more than him and that he wanted to kill the family.

“I felt worried that he would commit the crime, and decided to kill him to relieve him of his pains,” the father told investigators, according to online newspaper Al Youm Al Saba.

A criminal court in Mansura announced referring the convict’s death sentence to Egypt’s top Islamic authority, the Mufti of the Republic, for approval in a routine procedure in the country in cases involving death rulings.