Court and Crime Gavel
Illustrative image Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: It’s a judge’s job to be right, and ultimately they wear the robes. However, the chief justice in this case was undeniably flat-out wrong. And he fined himself.

In an unprecedented incident in the history of the Egyptian judiciary, the presiding judge, Chief Justice of Aswan Administrative Court, Mohsen Klopp, ordered himself fined 500 Egyptian pounds for disturbing the court order as his mobile phone rang during a court hearing, local media reported.

After the decision, a state of surprise prevailed among the attorneys and litigants attending the hearing, because the incident was the first of its kind, so how could a judge who presides over a hearing violate its order, and even punish himself for this breach.

The Civil Procedure Law says any individual whose mobile phone rings during a court hearing might end up being dismissed from the room, have their device confiscated or be fined.

The law states if an individual disturbs the court order, a judge has the right to kick them out from the courtroom. If the person refuses to leave, the judge can jail them for 24 hours or fine them500 Egyptian pounds.

Many clients, lawyers and judges have voiced irritation towards some people who let their mobiles ring loudly inside the courtroom.

Warning signs are posted all over the courtroom entrances.