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An Egyptian court has sentenced five people to death for kidnapping, raping and killing a 10-year-old girl under Dakahlia Police station limits. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: An Egyptian court has sentenced five people to death for kidnapping, raping and killing a 10-year-old girl, local media reported.

According to media reports, the court has referred the verdict to the Grand Mufti for approval.

The crime dates back to December 30, 2018, when Dakahlia Police station chief received a report from an Egyptian man stating that his 10-year-old daughter had disappeared on her way back home from a private class.

The girl’s father accused his cousin, “his sister’s ex-husband”, of kidnapping his daughter due to a dispute between him and his sister over a plot of land, which he had transferred its ownership to her before they got divorced. However, she refused to give it up to him following the divorce.

On January 14, 2019, a farmer alerted police after he found a body of a child surrounded by a number of stray dogs. The little girl was also found handcuffed and lying on her face.

The autopsy report revealed that the girl died two days before the body was found, and that the reason of death was suffocation.

The report also confirmed that the girl had been raped many times.

Police investigations concluded that 34-year-old agricultural worker, the victim’s aunt’s husband and his brothers as well as a woman from the same family carried out the crime.

Investigations also revealed that prime suspect was married to victim’s aunt, and he divorced her some time ago. He has been trying recently to force his ex-wife to give up a plot of land, which he registered under her name before the divorce, but the victim’s father stood against his wishes. Therefore, the prime suspect together with his brothers agreed to kidnap the daughter to take revenge on her father and force his sister to give up the land.

Confronted with the evidence, the prime suspect admitted to kidnapping, raping and killing the little girl together with his brothers.