Egyptian driver gold
An Egyptian driver has returned gold worth Dh42,000 to its owner after he found it. Image Credit: Youm7

Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian driver in a village in the Dakahlia Governorate, northern Egypt, set an example in honesty after he found a quantity of gold jewellery worth 180,000 pounds (approximately Dh42,000), and returned it to its owner, Egyptian media reported.

Mohammad Sabri Abdulaziz, a driver of a Tuk-Tuk, a three-wheeled vehicle, from the village of Manshiyat Al Badawi in the Talkha province found a black bag filled with gold jewellery, and immediately decided, with his wife, to search for the owner of the gold and return it to him despite experiencing financial hardship and needing money for surgery on his foot which may need to be amputated.

By chance, while Abdulaziz performed the Maghrib prayer in the village mosque, he heard people talk about lost gold jewellery from one of the village’s gold stores.

The honest driver went to the shop with his wife and handed over the gold to its owner, who could not believe his luck.

The store owner awarded Abdulaziz 5,000 Egyptian pounds (approximately Dh1,150) in recognition of his honesty.