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The banknotes extracted from the patient's stomach. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: A team of surgeons have managed to extract 6,500 Egyptian pounds (Dh1,500) from a patient’s stomach at Cairo’s Qasr El Eyni Hospital, Youm 7 Arabic newspaper reported.

The sick man arrived at the hospital’s emergency department suffering from severe abdominal pains and has confessed to have swallowed sums of money over a period of time.

In a four-hour surgery, the doctors succeeded in saving the man’s life who also suffered from severe infections in the abdomen and intestines.

A total of 6,500 Egyptian pounds in four rolls of banknotes were removed from the man’s stomach, Dr. Abdul Rahman Mustafa, who conducted the surgery, said.

200910 Egypt
The team who performed the operation to remove 6,500 Egyptian pounds from a patient's stomach. Image Credit: Supplied

It turned out that in addition to the money extracted from the patient’s stomach, doctors found other objects too, such as coins, 39 nails, clippers and a lighter, Dr. Mustafa added.

The doctor said this was not the first time they had received a patient who had swallowed sums of money and other foreign objects.

Last year, a team of surgeons in Egypt extracted up to 20 tablespoons, four forks and a number of toothbrushes from a patient’s stomach.

The medical team at Egypt’s Mansoura University’s Gastroenterology Centre also managed to remove a number of other items from the intestines of the 20-year-old patient, including jewellery.