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Cairo: Seven members of one family had been found dead inside their house in a village in Egypt’s Nile Delta, local police said.

The victims included the head of the family, his wife, his mother and four children.

Preliminary investigations revealed that unidentified perpetrators fatally stabbed the father and his eldest 15-year-old son before setting ablaze the semi-detached house in the Delta province of Beheira, according to security sources.

The other fatalities, including two children aged three and four years, apparently died of burns.

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The family’s two-floor house is located inside farmland around 400 metres from the main village, a matter that made the mystery crime discovered on Sunday— hours after it was committed.

Police believe that the crime had been perpetrated by more than one person, making it difficult for any member of the family to escape and seek help from locals.

Relatives said the family was on good terms with others.

“My uncle was a wallpainter and was a peaceful person,” Saad Ashraf, 19, told private newspaper Al Masry Al Youm.

However, the crime is believed to have been perpetrated out of revenge.

Investigations revealed that the murdered father was a witness in a court case in which 11 defendants were later given 10 years in prison each, private newspaper Al Watan reported.

Local prosecutors are investigating that case amid a massive police hunt for the suspects including friends and ex-cons.