Police line
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Abu Dhabi: Jordan authorities have reported six fatalities, including five Saudis (four of them brothers) in a crash involving a trailer and a small car on Jaber International Road, 80km away from the capital Amman, local media reported.

The fatal collision occurred in Mafraq, northeastern Jordan on Wednesday evening, an official source at the Saudi embassy in Jordan told Riyadh newspaper.

The deceased were taken to the hospital and identified by their families, the source said, offering condolences.

A spokesperson for Jordan’s Public Security Directorate said ambulance and rescue teams rushed to the scene of collision, in which six people, including five Saudis, were killed on the spot and four others were injured.

“The dead were evacuated to Mafraq Governmental Hospital, while first aid was provided to the injured, who were later taken to the hospital,” the spokesperson said.

Jordan police were investigating circumstances surrounding the accident, he added.