Dead body
Illustrative image. Image Credit: IANS

Dubai: Ali Anter, who is said to be the oldest Yemeni alive, died at the age of 140.

According to local media reports, Anter was known for having two horn-like protrusions on the side of his head, which earned him the nickname “two-horns”.

It was said that these horns began to grow after he reached the age of 100 and they grew from his forehead down to his cheeks.

Anter was in good health until 2017, when his condition started to deteriorate. His family reports that his two horns were removed without medical surgery, but by using a hot iron tool.

However, Anter died just three days later, after reportedly suffering due to the “primitive way” in which his ‘horns’ were removed.

The death of Anter has garnered attention, not just in Yemen, but also in the region, due to his unique physical characteristic and his reported age.

However, some have criticised the use of traditional methods to remove his horns, which may have contributed to his suffering and eventual death.