Dubai: The Arab Federation for Human Rights organised two events on Wednesday in Geneva to highlight and address the human rights situation in Yemen. It held a press conference and a discussion on human rights violations and war crimes at the Geneva Press Club.

At the conference, a number of speakers discussed the current human rights situation involving violations against women and children, displacement, arbitrary disappearances of individuals, violations against media, and the suffering caused by denial of aid by the Al Houthi group.

The speakers provided extensive documented data of the violations that are occurring in Yemen. In all cases, the documentation proved that conditions in the country are worsening as institutions of government and civil society break down as a result of the insurgency. A photography exhibition, showing the destruction in Yemen, was held alongside the conference.

Multiple international reports, including reports from the United Nations, provide evidence of the human rights violations occurring as a result of the actions of Al Houthi and Saleh forces. Examples of human rights abuses include murder of civilians, forced displacement of populations, arbitrary arrests and restrictions on the right to assembly, and freedom of expression.

There are currently more than 2.7 million people displaced in Yemen, with more than 7 million facing food shortages. More than 1,000 children have even been killed, injured or recruited to fight in the conflict. More recent actions by Al Houthi forces are adding to people’s plight, with UN aid agencies reporting they are being prevented from delivering aid to civilians by Al Houthi. This is a particular concern in the cities of Taiz and Aden, which have large civilian populations and have been subject to substantial fighting over the past few months; people there remain without basic necessities.