Yemen (WAM) – Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi has called on the National Army and Popular Resistance, supported by the Arab Coalition, to resort to a military solution to liberate the city and port of Hodeida, particularly since the situation in the governorate has become a humanitarian catastrophe. “We can no longer remain silent when it comes to Al Houthi practices and their stubbornness not to reach a political solution to the Yemen crisis,” said Hadi.

According to a statement published by the official Yemeni News Agency, Hadi said: “We were, and still are, striving towards a peaceful solution that is based on three basic referrals: The Gulf initiative and its executive mechanisms, the outcomes of the national comprehensive dialogue, and the United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2216.”

“We made many concessions to avoid a military solution. However, we cannot allow exploiting the suffering of our people and holding them hostage to prolong this war sparked by Al Houthi militia.