Dubai: Military operations may be reaching their end in Yemen, the achievements of the Saudi-led coalition on the ground suggest. However, a ceasefire will only come about if the Al Houthi militia submit to the requirements of UN Resolution 2216, Brigadier General Ahmad Al Assiri, spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition forces, said on Saturday.

“The goal is to restore the legitimate government and solidify peace and stability in Yemen,” he said, in an interview with Sky News Arabia.

Al Assiri said there were a number of phases that need to be tackled for peace to be restored in Yemen.

“The political element is being handled by the United Nations and the legitimate government,” he said, referring to the government of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. “Our activities in Yemen are only upon the request of the internationally-recognised Yemeni government. The coalition’s efforts will only stop if the Yemeni government decides so.”

The Brigadier General said Al Houthis needed to submit to the UN Resolution 2216 and accept its requirements before a ceasefire can be discussed.

“Our achievements on the ground allude that we may be reaching the end of our military operations,” he said. “If the Al Houthi militia chooses to submit to the requirements of the resolution then all this may come to a peaceful end.”

Asked about the coalition’s aid to the resistance fighters in Taiz, Al Assiri said the coalition is arming the resistance groups and helping them fight against the militia forces. He said the coalition was providing support to the resistance fighters through armaments, tactical operations, and air support.

He also said that the recent victory in Bab Al Mandab was a vital achievement, due to its strategic location. “Gaining control of Bab Al Mandab was integral to our military operations,” he said. “However;, it is but one operation in the greater plan.

“We only have one goal and that is to restore the legitimate government and secure peace and stability in Yemen.”