Aden: The Yemeni army and pro-government Yemeni National Resistance forces on Tuesday liberated most of the districts in mountainous region of Naham, north-east of Sana’a, from the rebel Al Houthi militia and forces loyal to now-ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a senior security official said.

The army and resistance forces are combing the liberated areas and pursuing remnants of the Al Houthi-Saleh rebels, the state Yemeni news agency quoted the chief of security of Sana’a Governorate as saying.

He noted that the rebels destroyed the bridges along the road to Furdat Naham in a bid to stop the advance of pro-government army and Resistance fighters.

Tens of rebels were killed, injured and captured and their military equipment were destroyed in the battles, the official added.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Yemeni army and Resistance fighters regained control of a number of military posts in Naham after defeating the rebel Al Houthi-Saleh militants and advanced closer to the strategic Furdat Naham military base.