RIYADH: Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi said getting rid of rogue Al Houthi gangs is the only option for building a new federal Yemen.

During a phone call with the Governor of Al Jawf, Major-General Ameen Ali Al A’kimi, Hadi praised heroic sacrifices made by field commanders, officers, soldiers and the resistance in defence of the land with the support of the forces of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia to uphold legitimacy in Yemen, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Hadi called for continuing the battle for victory over rogue, pro-Iranian Al Houthi gangs that have betrayed the homeland and the Yemeni people in favour of Iran’s foreign agenda.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led military coalition has denied blocking aid and basic supplies from entering, following a Reuters story on how Yemen is struggling to cope with a new outbreak of the bacterial disease diphtheria.

In a statement to Reuters, the Saudi-led coalition said: “The Coalition categorically denies blocking any aid or vital provisions from reaching the Yemeni people, and asserts that these claims lack any viable evidence,” a coalition spokesman said in an emailed statement.

The spokesman blamed Al Houthis for holding up humanitarian supplies, hurting the supply of medical assistance and interrupting vaccination campaigns by international aid groups.

In Riyadh, GCC secretary-general Dr Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani on Tuesday met Yemeni Information Minister Dr Muammar Al Eryani.

During the meeting, they reviewed aspects of cooperation and coordination between the GCC and Yemen, according to SPA.

Dr Al Zayani lauded the effective role of the Yemeni media outlets, highlighting the latest developments and situations in Yemen. He affirmed the GCC stood with Yemen in order to restore security, peace and stability in the country.