A fighter loyal to Yemen's government inspects a van at a checkpoint in Yemen's southwestern city of Taiz November 12, 2015. Image Credit: REUTERS

Dubai: Saudi-led coalition forces have taken control of Al Najd, a strategic area linking Aden and Taiz. Militias have been trying to control the area to cut off the coalition’s supplies and armaments coming from Aden, Sky News Arabia reported on Sunday.

On Saturday evening, dozens of platoons of the people’s resistance advanced to the peak of Jabal Saber, overlooking Taiz, aiming to cut off the supply route for the Al Houthi militias and forces loyal to the deposed Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to Sky News Arabia, on Saturday, the coalition’s air force shelled Al Houthi sites for the first time.

Meanwhile, violent confrontations between Al Houthi militias on one hand, and the Yemeni National Army and the people’s resistance on the other are ongoing at the border posts between Taiz and Haj, Yemeni sources said on Sunday.

According to the website Yemen Al Aan (Yemen Today), the clashes have resulted in dozens of deaths on both sides.

Sources say both forces are using heavy and medium-sized artillery in their assaults.

The border posts were claimed by forces of the internationally-recognised government as they managed to control about five km of the area.

Meanwhile, reinforcements of the Saudi-led coalition forces and the people’s resistance made their way into Dhabab, a small coastal town near Bab Al Mandeb, Yemen Press said on Sunday.

Sources said that the reinforcements may be involved in the military operations aiming to liberate the city and port of Mokha in the Taiz province. The area is currently controlled by Al Houthi and forces loyal to Saleh. Leaders of the Fourth Military Region announced the start of a large-scale military operation to free Taiz from Al Houthi militants after months of fighting.

West of Taiz, the people’s resistance managed to purge Jabal Dbaso in the Ahyooq area of militia forces. According to Sky News Arabia, four Al Houthi militants were killed in the clash, while two from the people’s resistance were killed and three others injured.