Dr. Al Anzi (right) with her colleague. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: Despite grappling with the loss of her father, Saudi doctor Layan Al Anzi exemplified unparalleled dedication and continued to provide medical services to pilgrims during the Hajj season.

Dr. Al Anzi chose to honour her father’s last wish by staying at her post, ensuring the health and safety of the pilgrims visiting the ‘Holy House of Allah’.

Her father, who passed away last Thursday afternoon due to pneumonia, had always supported her commitment to her profession.

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Reflecting on her decision to continue working, Dr. Al Anzi revealed that her father had expressed a desire for her to dedicate her earnings from the Hajj season to his soul.
Dr. Saud Al Anzi, Dr. Layan’s son, said that despite their deep sorrow, Dr. Layan remained steadfast in her role, driven by a sense of duty and her father’s enduring influence.

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In a tribute to her father’s memory, the Minister of Health has renamed the clinic where Dr. Al Anzi works to “Mishouf bin Thahal Al Anzi.”