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The flooded residential development in Jeddah. Image Credit: Video grab

Cairo: For the second time in about two months, a residential development in Riyadh was flooded as a result of torrential rain that lashed the Saudi capital on Wednesday, local media reported.

A video circulating on social media showed streets purportedly in the Riyadh suburb of Bawabt Al Sharq submerged in water due to the rainfall.

The footage shows rainwaters accumulated on the roads, grinding traffic to a halt in the area east of Riyadh.

Tank trucks were used to pump the water, which turned the district into a large pool, according to Saudi news portal Al Marsd.

Parts of the area went out of service in the aftermath, Saudi news website Akhbaar24 said.

Riyadh was Wednesday lashed by heavy rains and hail showers.

Last January, Bawabt Al Sharq was the scene of flooding resulting from rainfall, prompting civil defence personnel to use boats to evacuate residents stuck inside houses.

The flooding was allegedly due to a lack of draining facilities.

At the time, the development’s operator said 37 villas out of a total of 2,129 had been damaged by rainwaters there and promised to urgently handle the accumulated water.

The administration added that the flood network of the project had been handed over to the Riyadh municipality after the facility had been implemented in line with specifications and accredited plans.

Moreover, it promised owners of housing units in the development to repair any damage and bear the cost for one full year.

The company, which implemented the project, also expressed readiness to nullify the contract of any damaged unit and refund the owner.

However, Akhbaar24 quoted unnamed local residents as saying that the problem remains unresolved and that they were trapped into their houses due to accumulated rainwaters.

There was no immediate comment from municipal authorities or the company.